Monday, December 14, 2009

Veteran Musicial : Prabhu Raj Dhakal

Prabhu Raj Dhakal
Prabhu has been singing Classical vocals since an early age and is Nepal's foremost classical vocalist and his spellbinding performances have been awarded with numerous honors. He has worked as lecturer of Classical Music at Tribhuwan University, Fine Arts Campus and at present working as Classical Music teacher in Kathmandu University.

His Father
Late Sangeet Pravin, Nararaj Dhakal (Born in 1968, Late Mr. Nararaj Dhakal who was a Maestro of "Classical Music" and was an academician of Nepal Government academy.)

- Worked as a Classical Vocalist in National Radio station for eight years.
- Conducting a Classical Musical institute at Bagbazar.
- Has Participated in Lots of Musical concerts organized by government and private sector such
as Nepal Academy, Radio Nepal, National Theater, Kiranteswor Sangeetasharm etc.
- Working as a Teacher in Nepal Music School.

Various Part of Nepal.
Various Part of India.
Germany etc...
Sohani Music Album.
Moment Fusion Music Album.
Fifty-five Ragas recorded from Radio Nepal and much more.
Madhav Prasad Pandey
Lalitkala Campus, B.MUS

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  1. He is also top musicial of nepal. his fatehr Guru sri Nararaj dhakal is also god of nepali classical music. iam proud of him.